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Family Law that puts the Family First.

Price Legal Services was created in 2008 as a Family Law Boutique Firm that focuses on providing personal, professional and affordable legal services. Rather than focusing on material issues, this firm puts the Family First, focusing on the things that really matter.  

Thinking about Divorce?

The end of any relationship is a painful period. Choosing an Attorney that will help you navigate the difficult legal details will free up your time for transition and healing. The Attorney that you chose will impact how the process flows. Research has shown that the longer the process of divorce, the more emotional scars there are for parents and children. Getting to a smooth settlement where both parties can start again should be the goal of all parties. It is a good idea to speak with several Attorney’s to find one you are comfortable with before proceeding. Our free consultation ensures that you can determine if Price Legal Services is the best firm to assist you.

Single Parent? Need Direction?

Many men are unaware that if a child is born and they are not married to the mother, they have very few legal rights to their child. Don’t wait until there is an emergency, secure your rights now. You can easily file for Shared Parenting or Parenting Time and have access to your child/children. Also, for Single Mothers who need to establish paternity and get child support, we can also point you in the right direction. For all single parent needs, look no further than Price Legal Services. Allow our 12 years of experience assisting families to help you. 

Family First Mentality

The Family First Mentality means that you are always the most important element to any legal proceeding at Price Legal Services. We believe in listening and creating a process for you that will allow you to have peace about your situation. Divorce is never easy but it does not have to be grueling. It can be a severance of a previous relationship that enables you to move forward and start again. Even after a romantic relationship is over, there is a new relationship that can emerge, especially if you have children. 

How can two walk together unless they agree?

Peace of Mind

The news has been filled of famous people who died without a Will and the mess that ensued: James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Prince, just to name a few. If there was a Will, there would have been a smooth transition to assist those who love you the most in grieving without going to Probate Court and paying money to get your assets. Creating a Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney and/or Healthcare Power will give you peace of mind that you have made your final wishes known. Don't leave it up to chance, let your loved ones know what your wishes are in your will. Avoid Probate and unnecessary taxes and fees by having a valid Ohio will. Filling out a Will does not assure that you are following the laws of the State in which you live. Contact Price Legal Services to create your simple will and estate planning documents. If you need assistance with life insurance, contact Nicole Simpson with Go Fund Your Life at [email protected]